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Auto mode will automatically cycle through 10* random QR codes so you don't have to lift a finger! Just set the delay below and hit Go to begin

second delay

* Why 10? Well if people just kept it running after leaving their computer, that's a lot of server resources going to waste. Plus, the recent list tracks only your last 10 anyway so if you do need to go back to a good find, it'll be in that list.

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This generates randomized QR codes for scanning into the LootTheWorld app for Borderlands 2.

To get a new code, simply use the browser's reload page function or click on the QR code

If you find a nice code, you can "decorate" it by assigning rarity color and titling your find! Click the decorate link!

You can save the QR code image (with decorations!) as an image via right-click → Save as

Don't forget to share your good finds!

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